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From the farm where the grandmother grew up, who cured everything with avocado and fresh herbs ...

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In the farm where granma grew up and learned how to cure everything with avocado and fresh herbs in San Nicolas of Uyama, Oilosophy was born, with the philosophy of using natural oils, combined with wonderful extracts that nature gives us, in order to nourish the skin from the outside to the inside, as we do from inside out choosing our foods well.

Oilosophy has the ideal of providing truly natural products. If there is a real pharmacy is nature, with this idea we wanted to invent products that have the function of preventing and fixing skin damage by using raw ingredients in their natural state, like vegetables, leaves, fruits and plants, that accompanied with the finest Ecuadorian natural extra virgin oils will help nourish and protect your skin in a natural way. These products are not chemically treated, that is why mostly all products keep the color of its ingredients. These products do not contain preservatives, silicones,dyes, chemicals, phthalates, and are suitable for allergic people.

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